About Us

Chicken ‘n’ Things (2012) Limited processing facilities are based in the central hub of Onehunga, Auckland.

The factory has the capacity to process over 30 tonnes of fresh poultry, lamb and beef a week. Our own refrigerated transport and courier partners ensure that our products are delivered to our customers as fast as possible without sacrificing on quality.

We currently service the Greater Auckland and Waikato regions.

Our Poultry products include Barn-Raised and Corn-Fed Free Range chickens. Fresh quality New Zealand Lamb and Beef also forms part of our product range.

Chicken ‘n’ Things (2012) Limited is committed to providing the highest quality products and service to all our customers. We consider that the quality of the product supplied to our customers is of the utmost importance to the long term success and growth of our company.

Every care and attention is taken to comply with all relevant New Zealand legal and safety requirements.

We recognise that we must work as a team with all our customers, to provide the highest quality and value for money. To achieve this we have implemented a documented Food Safety and Quality Management System, incorporating all relevant food safety and qualitative standards. This ensures that all employees of the company are fully aware of the importance of the requirements within this document, to achieve this company’s and our customers’ goal of a consistent high quality standard of product.

We also have a retail store onsite so come and visit us for weekly instore specials!