Fresh Meat

Did you know that the quality of the meat you choose can make or break your culinary masterpiece? Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, selecting fresh meat is an art-form that demands skill and knowledge. The distinction between an average meal and an exceptional one lies in the quality of the meat. In this blog, we will delve into the secrets of choosing perfect fresh meat that will excite your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

1. Rely on Your Senses:

When it comes to picking fresh meat, your senses are your most reliable tools. Begin by visually examining the colour and texture. Fresh meat should always have a vivid colour, whether it’s red for beef, pink for pork or pale for chicken. Stay away from meat with a dull or greyish hue, as it may suggest spoilage.

2. Feel for Firmness:

Gently press on the meat to test its firmness. Fresh meat should always be somewhat firm when touched. If it seems mushy or soft, it might hint at improper storage or ageing. Additionally, give it a gentle press to ensure that it springs back. This easy test can help you gauge the freshness and quality of the cut.

3. Detect Distinct Odours:

A significant indicator of spoiled meat is its terrible smell. Lean in close and smell the meat. Fresh cuts always exhibit a neutral or slightly sweet aroma. If you detect any off-putting or sour smells, it’s advisable to avoid them. Trust your nose when selecting the perfect cut.

4. Know Your Source:

Understanding where your meat originates from is vital in guaranteeing its freshness and quality. Seek reliable suppliers or butchers who prioritise obtaining meat from dependable farmers. Choosing locally sourced organic options may also grant you peace of mind as these meats are produced sustainably and ethically.

5. Prioritise Proper Packaging:

The manner in which meat is packaged significantly affects its freshness. Vacuum-sealed packages are ideal, as they help maintain the meat’s quality and avoid exposure to air, leading to spoilage. Examine the package for any indications of leakage, excessive dampness or damage, as these could be warning signs of compromised freshness.


Opting for the perfect, freshest meat is a crucial element in enhancing your culinary pursuits. At Chicken ‘n’ Things, we appreciate the expertise involved in selecting the finest meat, guaranteeing a delightful dining experience. Get in touch with us today to browse our extensive range of fresh and premium-quality options. Whether you’re organising a dinner party or preparing a casual family meal, our dedication to excellence will ensure that your dishes are nothing short of outstanding.
Remember, the secret to culinary triumph lies in your capacity to choose fresh, top-quality meat. Allow your senses to guide you, consider where it comes from and rely on trusted suppliers like Chicken ‘n’ Things to ensure that every mouthful is a juicy and memorable experience. Happy cooking!


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