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They say if you can’t take the heat, you should get out of the kitchen. Chicken ‘n’ Things agrees; this summer, get out of the kitchen and get barbecuing. Most meats come up beautifully when barbecued, but why not go beyond the burgers and bangers and get creative with chicken? Chicken is a good value protein for feeding a crowd, and cooking your chicken on the barbecue is a fuss-free way to minimise washing up and maximise the time you can spend mingling with your guests, enjoying that summer vibe. Best of all, barbecuing adds a rich, smoky flavour and char for extra deliciousness.

Chicken ‘n’ Things Choices

Barbecuing is all about making things easy, leaving more time to soak up summer days and nights. Chicken ‘n’ Things makes it even easier giving you the option to have the tastiest cuts of chook, delivered directly to your front door. When you want to keep things super simple, Chicken ‘n’ Things’ burgers, sausages and ready-marinated chicken nibbles and drumsticks are always crowd-pleasers. Or lift your grill game with a new creative chicken barbecue recipe.

Chicken on the Barbecue for Your Next Gathering 

You want to be outside enjoying that summer gathering, not stuck in the kitchen. Here are a few chicken barbecue recipes that bring the flavour without the fuss:

A Taste of the Greek Islands

Marinate skinless chicken breasts in lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, oregano and a touch of cinnamon in the fridge for around an hour. Cook on the barbecue, then serve on warm flatbreads with plain yoghurt and salad. Opa!

Sticky Fingers, Happy Taste Buds

These sticky chicken wings will fly off the plate as soon as you serve them. Whisk together barbecue, tomato and Worcestershire sauces, sugar and your favourite seasonings, then pour over chicken wings. Coat to cover and refrigerate for a few hours before barbecuing.

Get These Skewers Indian Style!

Chicken tikka skewers are a fun finger food (no cutlery to wash!) for a summer barbecue. Simply cube chicken breasts and marinate in a mix of yoghurt and your favourite curry paste. Soak the skewers in water before threading on the chicken pieces, and barbecuing. Delicious on their own or served on a roti with a cucumber salad.

Best Ways to Barbecue Your Chicken

If you’ve chosen chicken to grace the barbecue at your next summer soiree, here are some grilling tips to make sure your chicken is succulent and perfectly grilled.

Flavours First

When marinating a dish, allow enough time for the chicken to soak up all those beautiful seasonings or marinade before it hits the grill.

Correct Cuts

Chicken cuts require different cooking times, so if you are planning to serve different cuts, take a moment to work out your timings to ensure your chicken isn’t undercooked or overcooked and dry.

Baste as You Barbecue 

Have a small bowl of your sauce and a pastry brush on hand, and baste your chicken cuts as you barbecue. This helps ensure all the flavours fully permeate the meat.

Give It a Break

It is essential to keep chicken refrigerated; however, for the best results on the barbecue, don’t sling your chicken straight from the fridge onto the grill. Letting the chicken come to room temperature before barbecuing helps achieve even cooking, and maximises the flavour.

Take Away the Guesswork

Sometimes, when your chicken is coated in delicious marinades and sauces, it is hard to be sure it is properly cooked. Using a meat thermometer will give you certainty that your chicken is safely and perfectly cooked.

Hot Deals With Chicken on the Barbecue  

Chicken ‘n’ Things only offers the very best chicken cuts for your summer barbecues and there are always exclusive, limited-time offers available. For your next summer gathering, put some drinks on ice, grab the sunscreen and have a look at the fresh chicken deals on our website. Fire up your creativity and the barbecue and enjoy that unique smoky flavour only outdoor grilling can bring.


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