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Chicken, a beloved and versatile meat, has found its way into countless kitchens across New Zealand. While cooking chicken seems straightforward, there are several myths and misconceptions that have made their way into the culinary world. In this blog post, we’ll bust common chicken cooking myths and set the record straight. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to delicious, perfectly cooked chicken dishes.

Chicken NZ – A Culinary Staple

Before we dive into debunking myths, let’s celebrate the place of chicken in New Zealand cuisine. From classic roast chicken dinners to spicy chicken curries and succulent grilled chicken, chicken is a beloved ingredient that offers endless culinary possibilities.

Myth 1: Washing Chicken Before Cooking

Myth: Many believe that washing chicken before cooking helps remove bacteria.

Fact: Washing chicken can actually spread harmful bacteria around your kitchen, increasing the risk of contamination. Cooking chicken to the recommended temperature (165°F or 74°C) is the most effective way to kill bacteria.

Myth 2: The Colour of Juices Determines Doneness

Myth: It’s commonly believed that the colour of chicken juices is a reliable indicator of doneness. Clear juices mean the chicken is cooked, while pink means it’s undercooked.

Fact: The colour of chicken juices isn’t a foolproof way to determine doneness. The only reliable way to ensure chicken is safely cooked is by checking its internal temperature with a meat thermometer.

Myth 3: Marinating Chicken for Hours Improves Flavour

Myth: Marinating chicken for an extended period enhances its flavour and tenderness.

Fact: While marinating can add flavour, chicken only needs around 30 minutes to absorb most of the marinade’s taste. Marinating for too long can actually change the chicken’s texture and make it mushy.

Myth 4: Freezing Chicken Makes It Tough

Myth: Freezing chicken makes it less tender and ruins its texture.

Fact: When done correctly, freezing chicken can preserve its quality. The key is to freeze chicken properly, ensuring it’s airtight to prevent freezer burn. Thawing it slowly in the refrigerator helps maintain its texture.

Myth 5: You Should Wash Chicken to Remove Sliminess

Myth: Some people believe that washing chicken helps remove a slimy texture.

Fact: The sliminess of chicken is perfectly normal and is due to the proteins and moisture in the meat. Washing it won’t remove the sliminess and may, in fact, spread bacteria. Cooking is the best way to address this issue.

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Now that we’ve clarified these common chicken cooking myths, let’s talk about the best way to enjoy high-quality chicken in NZ. Chicken n Things, a trusted name in providing fresh chicken, offers a convenient and reliable solution for your poultry needs.

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In conclusion, debunking common chicken cooking myths in NZ is essential to ensure the safety and quality of your chicken dishes. Washing chicken, relying on juice colour, or marinating for too long are just a few examples of misleading practices that can compromise the integrity of your meals.

For the best chicken experience in New Zealand, consider Chicken n Things. We provide fresh chicken online and offer the convenience of home delivery. With our commitment to quality, you can enjoy your chicken dishes with confidence, knowing that your poultry needs are in good hands. So, let’s put these myths to rest and enjoy delicious, perfectly cooked chicken dishes with the knowledge of the facts on our side. If you have any questions or want to order fresh chicken, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your culinary journey with chicken just got even better.


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