A gathering without food should be an email, right? So a celebration calls for the very best food. In just about every culture worldwide, special occasions are celebrated by sharing food. Chicken N Things’ meat boxes make special occasion meals easy with top-quality fresh cuts conveniently curated and delivered to your door.

The Art of Celebration

Celebratory gatherings mark moments of success, joy, and unity. Across cultures and societies, food plays a pivotal role in these festivities. It’s not just about sustenance; it’s about creating memorable experiences. The aroma, flavours, and presentation of a meal contribute to the overall ambience of an occasion, making it truly unforgettable.

Meet Chicken N Things’ Meat Box Collection

Creating an exciting meal for a special occasion doesn’t have to be difficult. Chicken N Things helps you bring restaurant-quality meals to your celebration table with our range of meat boxes. Our great-value meat boxes come in various sizes, offering you the freshest, most convenient, and highest-quality way to bring home the delectable taste of prime-cut meats. 

From succulent steaks to plump poultry, each box is a celebration in itself. And because we offer the convenience of door-to-door delivery in Auckland, you are free to focus on all the other details that will make your celebration memorable.

A Meat Box To Elevate Any Occasion

Whether you’re gathering for a birthday, anniversary, sporting win or holiday Chicken N Things meat boxes turn an occasion into a special occasion.

The Family Mega Meat Box is a great value way to feed a crowd and keep everyone happy with a variety of chicken cuts, bacon, lamb and beef. Perfect when you’re expecting the whole team to turn up.

Our Kiwi BBQ Meat Box lets you celebrate everything great about our outdoor lifestyle with something for everyone, from a delicious whole apricot glazed split chicken to lamb chops and loads more.   

Chef’s Tips and Recipes

Chicken tray bakes are an ideal addition to your celebration menu. Once they are in the oven, they require minimal effort and serve up maximum flavour. Best of all, there’s barely any washing up, as all the magic happens on the one tray.

Chicken N Things Chicken Delight Meat Box features quality 100% NZ-grown chicken in an array of cuts. 

Combine the chicken nibbles with potatoes, garlic, rosemary, chicken stock and lemon juice, then bake for a glorious taste of the Mediterranean.

Or coat the drumsticks in honey, soy sauce, grated ginger, Chinese fivespice, and garlic then scatter with spring onions once it’s out of the oven, for delicious Asian-inspired flavours.

Chicken N Things would love to be part of your next special occasion. We are the perfect party guest: we do the shopping for you, arrive at your door with the freshest, tastiest meats, and, thanks to our meat boxes, bring loads of inspiration to help you delight your guests and make your celebration memorable.

Take a look at Chicken N Things’ meat box options to add a touch of gourmet to your gathering.


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