Chicken Breast


Did you know that a single 100-gram serving of chicken breast provides a whopping 31 grams of protein and essential nutrients such as protein, and vitamins while containing only 165 calories

Welcome to the fascinating world of chicken breast and chicken skin nutrition facts. This versatile white meat is not only delectable and easily cooked into various cuisines but also holds impressive health benefits with every bite. In this article, we explore the nutritional values, health implications, and taste enhancements associated with enjoying both the lean meat of chicken breast and its frequently underestimated counterpart – chicken skin.

Elevating the Classic Chicken Breast: A Perfect Dance of Nutrition

Gone are the days when the chicken breast was thought to be a bland, one-dimensional food. With an unlimited number of recipes and adaptations to this lean meat, you can fashion a healthy and flavourful dish that stars chicken breast. Not only is it tasty, but did you know that it is packed with impressive nutritional benefits too? 

A Wholesome Source of Protein

Chicken breast, boasting a high protein content, serves as a superb option for individuals striving to build muscle or shed weight. Promoting muscle growth and maintenance, it effectively alleviates hunger throughout the day. With its simple yet flavourful taste, chicken breast can be easily incorporated into various meals, making it a versatile and nutritious addition to your diet. 

Brimming with Essential Vitamins

Not only is it teeming with protein, but chicken breast also boasts an array of vitamins. For instance, it is loaded with Vitamin B6, an essential vitamin that helps metabolise proteins and carbohydrates and maintain a healthy nervous system. It possesses niacin too, another crucial B vitamin known for its role in maintaining brain health and aiding digestion. Hence, incorporating chicken breast into your diet may keep your vital signs in check.

Minerals Revealing Themselves

In addition to its surplus of vitamins, chicken breast contains a variety of essential minerals to keep your body running smoothly. These include phosphorus, crucial for bone health; selenium, which supports immunity and thyroid function; magnesium, which assists in blood pressure regulation; and iron, which ensures proper oxygen transport within your body. Truly, every bite of this remarkable meat is brimming with health benefits!

The Hidden Perks of Chicken Skin

While chicken skin has long been regarded as a guilty pleasure among health-conscious eaters, recent research suggests that indulging occasionally might not be as bad as assumed! The skin comprises omega-6 essential fats that support brain function, lower cholesterol levels, and can potentially avoid inflammation.

Everything in Moderation

Though chicken skin has some nutritional value, remember to relish it moderately. Though it contains healthy fats, its high calorie and saturated fat content may become problematic if consumed excessively. Occasionally, savouring that crispy layer of skin alongside your nutritious chicken breast can strike the perfect balance.

Going Beyond Simple Grilled Chicken

Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best ones. However, diversifying your approach to incorporating chicken breast into your culinary repertoire is a wise move brimming with delicious possibilities. By experimenting with different cooking techniques like stir-frying, baking, or poaching, your creativity will flourish alongside your appreciation for this protein hero.

A World of Flavours at Your Fingertips

Chicken breast harmonises effortlessly with various ingredients, from classic combinations like garlic and lemon to adventurous pairings like cherry tomatoes and feta cheese. Moreover, you can season the dish to suit your desired taste profile, be it spicy, tangy, or herbaceous. The possibilities are simply endless!


In summary, your journey towards a healthy lifestyle can be substantially aided by incorporating chicken breast into your diet while enjoying chicken skin moderately. To make these deliciously nutritious options an integral part of your meals, check out Chicken n Things – where quality meets taste. 

For more information on mouth-watering recipes that maximise the nutritional benefits of both chicken breast and skin, don’t hesitate to contact us or browse through our projects. Experience the perfect blend of health and flavour with Chicken n Things—your ultimate destination for all things poultry!


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