Whole Roasted Chicken as a Delectable Meal Option

In the culinary world, using a whole chicken offers an exciting range of possibilities for delightful meals. Using whole chicken opens the door to a variety of meals that you can make and enjoy. If you need clarification about adding chicken to your meal, in this post, we will delve into five convincing reasons to make whole chicken a permanent fixture on your menu / meal rotation.

Versatility in Cooking Methods

Whole chickens are not merely a one-dish wonder. Instead, they lend themselves to myriad methods of cooking and flavouring. From roasting and baking to grilling and poaching, you can find a technique that tickles your fancy. Consequently, incorporating whole chicken into your meals provides limitless opportunities for enjoyable culinary experiences.

Nutritional Value

Whole chickens contain all essential parts like the breast, wings, legs, and thighs. These components provide a rich nutritional profile, including lean protein with low amounts of saturated fat. Moreover, whole chicken boasts B vitamins and minerals such as iron, zinc, and selenium – crucial nutrients for our wellbeing. Therefore, indulging in delightful whole chicken dishes not only pleases the palate but also our bodies.

Cost-Effective Option

With the ever-increasing costs of living, we are often looking to save without sacrificing the quality or taste of our meals. Purchasing a complete bird offers excellent value since you can make numerous meals from various cuts of meat at a reasonable cost.

Minimises Wastage

Buying individual cuts of chicken might lead to excessive carcass waste due to the discarding of unused remnants. Conversely, purchasing whole chicken for sale encourages responsible consumption, reducing overall waste. Each part, from tender breast meat to succulent thighs, offers unique taste and texture profiles that inspire diverse dishes for keen cooks. Additionally, remnants like bones can be used to make delicious stocks and broths, which further elevate future culinary creations.

Supports Local Businesses

By seeking whole chickens for sale in your area, you’re directly supporting local farms and businesses such as Chicken ‘n’ Things. These establishments provide quality, ethically-raised fowl, which benefits the community and the local economy. The strengthening of these ties ultimately leads to improved opportunities in the neighbourhood and higher-quality products available to all residents.


The benefits of choosing whole chicken for your menu are indisputable. It offers versatility in cooking methods, a rich nutritional profile, cost-effectiveness, minimises wastage, and supports local businesses. If you are looking for a high-quality whole chicken that can be delivered right to your doorstep, you should definitely check out Chicken ‘n’ Things. Chicken ‘n’ Things is a New Zealand-based company renowned for its commitment to delivering high-quality chicken and meat products right to your door. By focusing on premium ingredients and exceptional customer service, Chicken ‘n’ Things has quickly carved out a well-deserved reputation among discerning foodies seeking the finest cuts of poultry and meats available. Trust us for our expertise and convenience: a truly unparalleled culinary experience. Contact us today, and your wallet will thank you for it!


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