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Enjoy our delicious boneless stuffed chicken roast. This roast comes with a traditional Old English stuffing and is boned, rolled and netted. All you need to do is just pop it in the oven.


Product of New Zealand.


Breadcrumbs (Wheat Flour, Salt, Yeast), Salt, Dehydrated Onion, Herbs.


Wheat Flour.



  1. Hine Wii

    Looks good

  2. patricia Tudehope (verified owner)

    The chicken is lovely & good value ,, but there isn’t enough stuffing only at one end , please be more generous with stuffing through the whole of the chicken ,,,,,,

  3. patricia Tudehope (verified owner)

    please put more stuffing in chicken

  4. Angela McIntyre (verified owner)

    Ordered 2 and very satisfying, easy to cook and only takes just over an hour to roast, lovely.

  5. Marie (verified owner)

    So good and bigger than I expected. Rolled n ready to roast…perfect for working parents!

  6. Sharon Deane (verified owner)

    Very nice my husband slowly cooked it on the BBQ, so I have brought again

  7. Chris Karena

    Do you deliver?

    • chickennthings-admin

      Yes we definitely do deliver.

  8. Leanne McConnochie (verified owner)

    Great. So much meat on this roast. It seems small but delivers a lot more meat than you think.

    • chickennthings-admin

      Thanks Leanne. We use a medium sized Size 14 chicken and it actually is a lot more than 1kg.

  9. Fleur McDermott (verified owner)

    Tender succulent and so reasonably priced, highly recommend

  10. Dawn Calnon (verified owner)

    Excellent value. Generous size, no waste. Will definitely be included in my next order.

  11. Rogrr (verified owner)

    Looks very tasty

  12. Rosalie Saunders (verified owner)

    Awesome thank you so much.
    Highly recommended.

  13. B. Jeffery (verified owner)

    Generous size and such good value. Versatile too….roast dinner or sliced for lunch or to add to pasta.
    Really impressed.

  14. Tanya Lambrechtse (verified owner)

    Very happy with my purchase, the rolled roast was such a good price and very tasty!

  15. Helen Saunders (verified owner)

    Delicious roast made from this, lots of meat and stuffing is a good flavour.

  16. Denise (verified owner)

    Great cut. Cooked for an hour 15 at 175 and was so moist and tasty. Fed us 2 last night and will get 2 more meals out of it easily. With cabbage carrots beans, half a kumara each mashed and gravy of course. Got daughter 2 packs of kranskys as she is eating low carb

  17. Wayne Anderson (verified owner)

    Good Product Easy to use. Came Frozen one week fresh the other

  18. Wendy Hoare (verified owner)

    These rolled stuffed boneless chickens are the most juicy economical , flavourful chicken that we have tasted in a long time
    As for the price well.thats something else again at only $14.99 they are the bomb. You can’t beat this deal.

  19. MoanaLee Rudolph (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the quality thanks.

  20. Margaret (verified owner)

    So most and delicious
    A+A+A trader

  21. Andrea (verified owner)

    No more fighting over the legs easy to cook yum

  22. Claire Tuiasau (verified owner)

    So fresh and tasty, resonably priced too!

  23. Douglas (verified owner)

    Brilliant. Easy to cook in the airfryer and no bones to deal with !

  24. Shirley Keremeta (verified owner)

    Love my rolled stuffed chicken. Can you please roll a 2kg or 3kg. Don’t want to share my chicken.

  25. Shirley Keremeta (verified owner)

    Love my chicken.

  26. Miscellaneous (verified owner)

    We really enjoyed this chicken. We have purchased this item 5 times now. Cooked up well and there was enough stuffing to go around. Only feedback was the netting bag, first time cooking left it on and it completely stuck to the chicken and was quite difficult to get off without pulling all the chicken apart. Therefore, now cut the top off the netting before cooking. We would order this again, thanks

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