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Chicken frames are a relatively soft bone so are a great option for new raw feeders. They are appropriate for medium and large dogs.

Our frames are 100% human-grade and also make a great base for soups.

1kg packs come frozen and have approximately 4-5 pieces.

8kg carton comes frozen.

New Zealand barn-raised chicken.

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  1. B Lucky (verified owner)

    Fresh & as expected. All good.

  2. Leana (verified owner)

    Good Deal, value for money and roughly for 8kgs we got 27 in a box.
    Purchased for our dogs as a recommended meal to add alongside there normal feed. Bake in the oven as a treat.

  3. Megan (verified owner)

    I order 4-5 x 8kg boxes at a time and get anywhere from 27-30 frames per box (so 3.4-3.7 frames per kg). They are meaty enough to feed dogs alongside other food. My dogs get one each for breakfast then a generous sized meal at dinnertime. I greatly appreciate finding someone selling chicken frames at an affordable price and tell all my dog friends about this company.

  4. Robert owen (verified owner)

    Amazing company great service

  5. Julie Redder (verified owner)

    Excellent purchase, dogs love them…also make stock. Never disappointed

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