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Boneless and with a good layer of fat to keep the meat juicy, tasty and tender. Best roasted long and slow for juicy meat and crunchy crackling.

Fresh NZ product. maybe be supplied frozen when is short stocks.

Premium NZ Pork

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1kg, 2kg


  1. Davarre (verified owner)

    OMG this is so good. Ok maybe it was my seasoning and cooking but it helps to have a great piece of meat to start with. Brilliant with no bones.

  2. Julie Redder (verified owner)

    Was extremely disappointed with the 1kg of pork belly. Thin with no rind to score, just a slab of fatty meat and thin. The 2kg was 100 % better. Won’t order again.

  3. Julie Redder (verified owner)

    After contacting Chicken n things re the pork belly, it was decided after seeing the pics that a mistake had been made by the packers it was immediately put right. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the communication from the boss. The meat was replaced without hesitation and delivered to the door. ThANK YOU … I highly recommend this company for flawless communication and service.

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